Infection Control

In our office we have taken substantial measures to reduce the chance of cross-contamination of disease from patient to patient.

You may observe numerous areas of prevention you may not have seen before, such as:

1. Facemasks: All of our clinical personnel wear facemasks during patient care. These physical barriers assist in reducting the spread of organisms from person to person.

2. Gloves: New disposable gloves are worn for every patient. These gloves ensure that contamination is not spread from patient to patient.

3. Disinfection of Counters and Other Surfaces: You may notice a mild chemical odor associated when wiping surfaces. These chemicals are necesssary to disinfect surfaces that have been touched during patient treatment.

4. Items Attached to Dental Operating Units: Handpieces, air blowers, suction equipment, etc., are sterilized with a combination of heat and chemicals.

5. Barriers: Plastic or rubber is placed on chairs, switches, etc., for each new patient.

6. Instruments: All metal instruments placed in your mouth have been sterilized by a combination of heat or chemicals.

Your health is our priority. Every possible precaution is being taken in our office to avoid any cross-contamination from patient to patient.