Periodontal Treatment at Our Office Less Pain, Less Bleeding, Less Recovery Time

Laser Pocket Disinfection (LPD)

A Painless Procedure Using the PerioLase MVP-7 Dental Laser

The PerioLase MPV-7 is the only dental laser specifically designed for better periodontal health. The unique wavelength targets the bacteria that causes gum disease for minimally invasive, highly effective, quick and painless treatment.

• Kills bacteria and disrupts biofilm to reduce inflammation
• Can help reverse gingivitis symptoms
• Maintain healthy gums and avoid progression of gum disease
• No shots needed
• No antibiotics needed, avoids antibiotic resistance
• No known side-effects of LPD in over 25 years of therapy
• The Iaser light can reach and destroy bacteria up to 6mm beyond the surface to help prevent bacteria from spreading back into the pocket.
• Safe for medically compromised patients, those on blood thinners, or those with diabetes
• Safe for use around crowns, bridges, sealants, and implants
• Beneficial to patients who have recently had surgery, or are scheduled to have surgery to reduce bacteria that may enter the bloodstream